PRIMUS LINE® is a trenchless technology for the rehabilitation of pressure pipes for different media such as water, gas and oil. The system is based on an interlaced high pressure flexible composite tube and a specially developed connection technique.

PRIMUS LINE® is a reinforced high density polyethylene pipe system that offers an extremely resistant material due to multiple layers, with a reduced thickness.


Simple application:

  • Reduced use of machinery
  • Little construction time due to large insertion lengths.
  • Small ditches of construction, reduction of excavations in general.
  • Possibility of curved constructions.
  • Insertion also through elbows up to 45 °
  • Quick resumption of service

High load capacity and quality:

  • Minimum 50 years of lifetime
  • High resistance to wear and tear of the external coating.
  • No corrosion

High performance capacity:

  • Minimum loss of cross section due to lower wall thicknesses of 6.0 or 8.0 mm
  • Improved pipe flow properties
  • Pressure increase in existing pipes


Depending on the requirements, the Primus Line® connector can be provided with a flange or a welded end. For this reason, it is also possible to connect elbows, T pieces or other pieces and taps (of different materials).

Unique trenchless system for rehabilitation 

A relining system that is currently more suitable than any other existing system in the world to rehabilitate damaged pressure pipes in a diameter between 300 – 500 mm (6 “to 20”), several banks and a single length of 300-3,000 m (1,000 to 6,000 feet) in a sensitive and difficult environment, quickly and reliably.

It consists of inserting a new pipe, inside an old pipe to be replaced, being the hydraulic and static conditions of the same quality as installing a new pipe.