OILTECHPIPE offers a polymeric pipe reinforced by a rigid metal carcass made of steel wire.

This production system allows the use of different polymeric materials which offers operating temperatures up to 300ºC ( 572ºF).

RCLP OILTECHPIPE has a range from 4″ up to 12″ and operating pressures from 600 psi to 1000 psi depending on the pipe size and fluid application.

A rigid steel carcass plus the chemical resistance from the polymer results in a very special pipe which is able to work in difficult applications.

The main industrial uses are:

  • Oil and gas flowlines
  • Oil and gas transport lines
  • Special Enhanced oil recovery applications
  • Chemical production
  • Fire protection lines
  • Oil casing
  • Mining

RCLP provides:

  • Steady going pipeline operation in the conditions of moist and aggressive soil
  • Minimal requirements to preparation of trenches for lining
  • No need in waterproofing or electrochemical protection

Polyethylenes used are approved for contact with food products, that’s the reason why RCLP can be used for drinking water pipelines construction.

Steel carcass provides RCLP with a high mechanical rigidity and self-supporting ability. Glossy inner surface and the absence of the material and environment adhesion prevent formation of deposits and provide an increase in the pipeline pass-through capacity by more than 20% relatively to a steel pipeline. RCLP Linear extension coefficient is almost equal to the one of a steel pipe.

The empirical evidence of RCLP operation proves a high positive economic effect assuming mid-term and long-term periods of operation.