Oiltech Maghreb present reinforced thermoplastic pipes up to 8 inches for working pressures up to 3000 psi under the brand OILTECHPIPE.

The pipe consists of inner and outer polymer layers and intermediate reinforcing layer based on profiled metal tapes.

Internal diameters (D): 2-8 inches
Operating pressure (Р): 600-3000 psi
Operating temperature (°С/°F): -40/-104… +65/+150
Transported fluids: oil, gas, and water.

OILTECHPIPE is produced both for onshore and offshore applications and differs by material of its outer sheath. Service life is 20 years.

* At the customer’s request, OILTECHPIPE can be made of a material with increased heat resistance, which will allow the product to be used at temperatures up to +85°C.

OILTECHPIPE has a number of advantages compared with the traditionally used steel pipes :

– reduced pipeline cost;
– reduced costs for pipeline installation;
– reduced pipeline installation time;
– production of long-length parts;
– low thermal conductivity factor;
– high resistance to aggressive environments;
– possibility of electric heating;
– low hydraulic losses;
– low operating costs.

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